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I Generated a account and 10 minute email twitter said my account was using automated behaviour, so I hunted a number to use but for the sake of lazyness I put my cell phone number. I removed it immediately.

Twitter send back My amount in plain sight. All mail is erased by 10minutemail but is generally secure, is not it filled with crawling bots and such? Can I hazard identity theft or IMEI?

10 Minute Mail For Phone Number - 10minemail
10 Minute Mail For Phone Number – 10minemail

The next people Now know your phone number:

· Twitter

· The operators or 10 minute mail

· Anyone breaking one of the above mentioned services stealing data. (Note that 10minutemail isn’t supposed to display your email to other people, so some sort of security breach will be required.)

Is it a problem? Perhaps not really. There’s not that one can do with a phone number. You might Get some SMS or phone call spam, but I wouldn’t worry to much about it. Maybe It could be used in some type of social enginering attack, but that is very Labour something I’d expect at random. If I had been you, I would just forget about this whole thing.

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