Month: July 2019

Amazon Singled Out In Both Democratic Debates — Again –

Amazon singled out in both Democratic debates — again – 10minmail

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Andrew Yang has made a habit of criticizing Amazon in his bid for the presidency. (10minmail Photo) Big Tech may be in the federal government’s crosshairs but you wouldn’t know it from the Democratic debates this week. Like the first round of debates, tech rarely came up other than one company that has emerged as […]

Tess Probe Helps Scientists Find Potentially Habitable Planet – 10minmail

TESS probe helps scientists find potentially habitable planet – 10minmail

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An artist’s conception depicts GJ 357 d orbiting its host star. (Cornell University Illustration / Jack Madden) Astronomers are sharing a flood of findings from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, including the detection of a potentially habitable super-Earth far beyond our solar system. The planet is said to circle an M-type dwarf star […]

Tableau Comes Up Short In Stealthy Earnings Report, Quietly Disclosing

Tableau comes up short in stealthy earnings report, quietly disclosing first results since Salesforce deal – 10minmail

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(10minmail Photo / Todd Bishop) Tableau Software’s revenue fell short of Wall Street expectations for the second quarter, a landmark period that included the announcement of its pending $15.7 billion acquisition by Salesforce. The Seattle-based data visualization company released the latest financial update Wednesday in an unusual fashion, likely because of the pending Salesforce acquisition. […]

New Microsoft Ad Touts Surface Laptop 2, Roasts Apple’s Macbook

New Microsoft ad touts Surface Laptop 2, roasts Apple’s MacBook – 10minmail

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Mac vs. PC is alive. The geeky advertising rivalry between Microsoft and Apple reignited Wednesday after Microsoft put out a new ad that uses a guy named Mackenzie Book — a.k.a. Mac Book — to talk about why the company’s Surface Pro 2 laptop is better than Apple’s MacBook Air. “So Mac, which laptop lasts […]

‘mission Success’ Declared After Lightsail 2 Solar Sail Raises Orbit

‘Mission success’ declared after LightSail 2 solar sail raises orbit – 10minmail

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This image was taken during the LightSail 2 sail deployment sequence on July 23. Baja California and Mexico are visible in the background. This image has been de-distorted and color corrected. (Planetary Society Photo / CC BY-NC 3.0) It may be “mission accomplished” for the Planetary Society’s solar sail experiment, but its privately funded LightSail […]

Cantwell Introduces Bill Package To Invest In Clean Energy And

Cantwell introduces bill package to invest in clean energy and shore up power grid against hacks – 10minmail

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Sen. Maria Cantwell discusses net neutrality at a 2017 town hall in Seattle. (10minmail Photo / Monica Nickelsburg) Sen. Maria Cantwell introduced four bills Wednesday intended to modernize the federal government’s energy infrastructure. The Democrat from Washington state is a senior member of the Senate Energy Committee and a vocal advocate on tech issues like […]

T Mobile Acquires Mobile Marketing Startup Pushspring To Bolster Advertising Tech

T-Mobile acquires mobile marketing startup PushSpring to bolster advertising tech – 10minmail

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T-Mobile CEO John Legere at the company’s headquarters in Bellevue, Wash. (10minmail Photo / Taylor Soper) T-Mobile’s pending megamerger with former rival Sprint garnered worldwide attention. But another T-Mobile acquisition flew under the radar as the wireless giant scooped up a Seattle mobile marketing startup to amp up its advertising technology capabilities. T-Mobile’s acquisition of […]

Key Amazon Exec Jeff Blackburn To Take One Year Sabbatical In

Key Amazon exec Jeff Blackburn to take one-year sabbatical in 2020 – 10minmail

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Jeff Blackburn. (Amazon Photo) Jeff Blackburn, an influential Amazon executive and one of the longest-running members of Jeff Bezos’ senior leadership team, will take a one-year sabbatical in 2020, 10minmail has learned. Blackburn joined Amazon in 1998, helping guide the company through its IPO and eventually landing on Bezos’ “S-Team” in 2006. His current title […]

Zulily Lays Off Employees As Part Of Restructuring; Ceo Says

Zulily lays off employees as part of restructuring; CEO says business is at ‘critical inflection point’ – 10minmail

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Zulily’s headquarters in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. (10minmail Photo / Taylor Soper) Online retailer Zulily has let go of an undisclosed number of employees as part of broader structural changes within the company, 10minmail has learned. A Zulily spokesperson confirmed the layoffs but declined to provide details about how many employees were affected. Personnel at the […]

Commercial Iot Startup Rigado Sells Bluetooth Tech To Swiss Wireless

Commercial IoT startup Rigado sells Bluetooth tech to Swiss wireless company u-blox – 10minmail

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Rigado’s lineup of Bluetooth modules. (Rigado Photo) Rigado, a nine-year-old Portland, Ore. startup that builds commercial IoT products and services, sold a portion of its business to Swiss wireless company u-blox. Rigado sold off its Bluetooth Module business, a group that builds hardware components to enhance wireless connectivity and make it easier to link up […]