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Sudomy Subdomain Enumeration & Analysis

Sudomy – Subdomain Enumeration & Analysis

By administrator 0 Comment August 28, 2019

Sudomy is a subdomain enumeration tool, created using a bash script, to analyze domains and collect subdomains in fast and comprehensive way.Features For recent time, Sudomy has these 9 features: Easy, light, fast and powerful. Bash script is available by default in almost all Linux distributions. By using bash script multiprocessing feature, all processors will […]

Extension For Burp Suite Which Uses Aws Api Gateway To

Extension For Burp Suite Which Uses AWS API Gateway To Rotate Your IP On Every Request

By administrator 0 Comment August 24, 2019

Extension for Burp Suite which uses AWS API Gateway to change your IP on every request. More info: https://rhinosecuritylabs.com/aws/bypassing-ip-based-blocking-aws/ DescriptionThis extension allows you to easily spin up API Gateways across multiple regions. All the Burp Suite traffic for the targeted host is then routed through the API Gateway endpoints which causes the IP to be […]