Google and Dell team up on new Chromebook Enterprise devices, targeting Microsoft’s bread-and-butter – 10minmail

The new Google-Dell Chromebook Enterprise devices. (Google Photo)

Google is taking on the enterprise institution that is Microsoft’s Windows operating system with a series of new laptops targeting business customers.

Google is launching new Chromebook Enterprise devices, teaming up with manufacturers the same way Microsoft does on the majority of its Windows-powered laptops. Google is working with Dell to make versions of the Latitude 5400, starting at $699, and Dell Latitude 5300 two-in-one, starting at $819, with an enterprise version of Chrome OS built in.

The Verge reports that Google and Dell have been working together for more than a year to make sure Chromebook Enterprise devices are ready to meet expectations from IT groups. The partnership is not exclusive, The Verge reports, and Google will likely work with other hardware manufacturers down the road.

The two new Chromebook Enterprise devices will be available Aug. 27. In addition to the new devices, the Google Admin console for Chrome OS will get an update to make it easier for businesses to manage Chromebooks across the company from one location.

Google’s low-cost Chromebooks have done well in other areas, such as education. However, Google has yet to penetrate Microsoft’s firewall in the enterprise.

Google launched an enterprise version of Chrome OS in 2017, with better security features and more control for IT administrators. Chromebook Enterprise is the next evolution of that, with the Dell devices marking the first entries under the new program.

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