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How To Send Mass Email

how to send mass emailIf you’ve been wondering how to send mass email from your computer’s email program, be warned. It can be done, but not without some significant challenges.

Sending a mass email just means you are sending a single message to multiple recipients. Most email programs, such as hotmail, outlook, yahoo, gmail, etc… make it possible for you to do this using their cc: or bcc: function. There are a number of disadvantages to doing it this way.

Most email programs limit the number of emails you can send as a mass email. If you have a list of customers or prospects over a few hundred, you are going to run in to problems using your basic email program.

You won’t have access to design attractive or brand reinforcing messages in the average email program.

You won’t have access to any sort of analytics or segmenting features. Without these features, you won’t be able to tell how well your email campaign is performing.

Mass email sent through some of the well known services is often flagged as spam by many of the major email service providers. Once this starts, your server IP or even your local IP can be added to blacklists.

Email marketing is still the most profitable form of marketing when done properly. So, the question remains:

How To Send Mass Email

Use a service like to responsibly and professional manage mass emails to unlimited prospects and customers. Reasons to use a service like ours include:

Stay in compliance with GDPR, Can-spam, etc….

Create professional looking email messages that reinforce your company brand.

Save time on list management. Building your list is a matter of adding some simple form code to your web site or blog. Unsubscribe requests are handled quickly and automatically.

If you want to send mass email the right way, stay in compliance, and get solid sales results, we recommend taking our service on a 30 day free trial.

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