The Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud — a new cloud gaming initiative that will let people play high-powered Xbox titles on smartphones — has the potential to upend the gaming world. But one aspect of the project that has flown under the radar is the ability to turn an Xbox One console into an xCloud server that lets players stream all their saved games on a smartphone.

Windows Central obtained screenshots of the setup process for turning on game streaming from an Xbox One to a smartphone. The new feature works through users’ internet connection, meaning they can stream games throughout the house but can’t go beyond the reach of the home network. The feature requires the Xbox console to stay on at all times during the streaming process.

The new feature is expected to debut with the upcoming 1910 Update for Xbox One. Microsoft will begin public trials for the broader xCloud service in October.

Microsoft is leveraging its cloud computing muscle and massive data center network, building specially designed servers out of Xbox components, to make xCloud happen. All the processing is done in the cloud, so anywhere users have enough bandwidth to stream videos, they can play Xbox games on their phones.

Microsoft isn’t the only company planning a game streaming service. Like Microsoft, Google is taking advantage of its own cloud computing prowess to power its streaming service Stadia. As part of the big Gamescom conference, Google will present new details about Stadia later today.

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