Mukuru Launches Grocery Service to support Zimbabwean Families from South Africa | Tempemail – Blog

Image sourced from Mukuru

African remittance provider Mukuru has launched Mukuru Groceries – a service that hopes to give South African based customers the ability to send groceries to their families and communities in Zimbabwe.
With this service, customers can place orders for a basket of groceries that include 21 staples such as Mealie Meal, cooking oil, sugar, salt, rice, etc.
To facilitate ease of use, Mukuru Groceries is available via USSD and Whatsapp. Existing customers will not be required to register for the service, they can simply create orders via USSD and WhatsApp, making it as easy to send groceries home as it is to send money.
Mukuru says that this service has come at a time when many families are struggling to obtain basic commodities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have listened carefully to what our customers are asking for, and we have innovated and added to our service offering to make sure that Zimbabwean families receive the resources and support that they so desperately need right now,” says Andy Jury, CEO of Mukuru.
“By leveraging our strong partnerships and network in the region, along with our extensive infrastructure, we are able to introduce and quickly implement new services such as Mukuru Groceries. We plan to provide these types of innovations to other African markets in the near future.”
Mukuru customers will follow the same process on USSD and WhatsApp to create an order and pay at any Mukuru pay-in partner using a payment reference (similar to the cash order reference).
The recipient will then receive an SMS with a voucher number to go and collect at any of the 19 Metro Peech and Browne Stores across Zimbabwe. Importantly, the goods will be ready for collection immediately after payment confirmation has been received.

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