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PayU, Indian payment gateway, has launched an initiative to help residential societies and its residents to collect and transfer their dues online amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Through PayU’s offering, a resident welfare association (RWA) will be able to build a free customized website for its society with a built-in payment gateway and give residents a seamless checkout experience.
The societies and RWA’s will be able to collect their dues instantly with payment links, which can be easily created and shared with residents via SMS, email and WhatsApp from the web or PayU app. The dues will be transferred immediately to the RWA’s bank account.  RWA’s and societies will be able to auto-generate their society invoices and will be able to share it with residents via their preferred mode of communication. The residents will be able to pay their dues via 100+ payment modes including credit cards, debit cards, UPI, Net banking etc.  from anywhere, anytime in a single click.
This initiative will be of great help for residents living in the society in the given scenario, because of its contactless nature and quick payment collection technology, adding to their safety and health aspect. For societies, customisable webfronts offer free websites, easy tracking and reconciliation of payments for administration purposes and reduction of human error. For residents, they offer a contactless, convenient and highly secure and transparent mode of paying their monthly dues.

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