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Autordpwn V5.0 The Shadow Attack Framework

AutoRDPwn v5.0 – The Shadow Attack Framework

By administrator 0 Comment August 23, 2019

AutoRDPwn is a post-exploitation framework created in Powershell, designed primarily to automate the Shadow attack on Microsoft Windows computers. This vulnerability (listed as a feature by Microsoft) allows a remote attacker to view his victim’s desktop without his consent, and even control it on-demand, using tools native to the operating system itself. Thanks to the […]

Poshc2 C2 Server And Implants

PoshC2 – C2 Server and Implants

By administrator 0 Comment August 22, 2019

PoshC2 is a proxy aware C2 framework that utilises Powershell and/or equivalent (System.Management.Automation.dll) to aid penetration testers with red teaming, post-exploitation and lateral movement. Powershell was chosen as the base implant language as it provides all of the functionality and rich features without needing to introduce multiple third party libraries to the framework. In addition […]