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Bluetooth Low Energy Swiss Army Knife

Bluetooth Low Energy Swiss-army Knife

By administrator 0 Comment September 4, 2019

Btlejack provides everything you need to sniff, jam and hijack Bluetooth Low Energy devices. It relies on one or more BBC Micro:Bit. devices running a dedicated firmware. You may also want to use an Adafruit’s Bluefruit LE sniffer or a nRF51822 Eval Kit, as we added support for these devices. Current version of this tool […]

Poshc2 C2 Server And Implants

PoshC2 – C2 Server and Implants

By administrator 0 Comment August 22, 2019

PoshC2 is a proxy aware C2 framework that utilises Powershell and/or equivalent (System.Management.Automation.dll) to aid penetration testers with red teaming, post-exploitation and lateral movement. Powershell was chosen as the base implant language as it provides all of the functionality and rich features without needing to introduce multiple third party libraries to the framework. In addition […]

An Open Source Script To Perform Malware Static Analysis On

An Open Source Script To Perform Malware Static Analysis On Portable Executable

By administrator 0 Comment August 20, 2019

An open source tool to perform malware static analysis on Portable Executable Installation [email protected]:~$ git clone https://github.com/Th3Hurrican3/PEpper/ [email protected]:~$ cd PEpper [email protected]:~$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt [email protected]:~$ python3 pepper.py ./malware_dir Screenshot CSV output Feature extracted Suspicious entropy ratio Suspicious name ratio Suspicious code size Suspicious debugging time-stamp Number of export Number of anti-debugging calls Number of […]