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Reasons To Use TrafficWave

reasons to use trafficwaveThere are many reasons to use TrafficWave. First and foremost is: You want your business to grow. Helping businesses grow is what TrafficWave is all about. Let’s look at how we help you grow your business.

The biggest and most important on our list of reasons to use Trafficwave is:

Lead Generation I have never come across a business that didn’t need and want more leads. No matter what your business sells, you need customers. Lead generation is how we find new customers. Lead generation really is a fairly simple process. Even if you do not have your own web site or blog, you can begin online lead generation with a simple hosted capture page with TrafficWave.

If you do have your own web site or blog, it can be a simple matter to add some capture form code to your site and begin online lead generation that way.

I’ve used both methods over the past several years and I get solid results with each of them. A while back, I ran a test campaign to show that a hosted capture page can help you generate leads, even without your own web site. In that project, I generated over 3,200 leads.

I also added capture form code to this blog and others. On a daily basis, I am generating leads from around the world.

Follow Up is next on my list of reasons to use TrafficWave. You see, once that person fills out a capture form, I don’t see them as a customer. I see them as someone with at least a little interest in my offer. My next goal is to follow up with them and build rapport. I set up a series of letters that my autoresponder wills end out automatically for me. If I do a good job of building a relationship with my leads, I can look forward to making them a customer.

Once I got my letters written and my capture forms set up, I focus on driving traffic to my offers. I do this through advertising, social media, etc… And, this brings me to the next among my reasons to use TrafficWave:

Ad Tracking One of our big challenges with promotion is deciding which places are the best to advertise, what ad copy works best, etc… The TrafficWave Ad Tracker lets me keep tabs on which campaigns and sites are getting me the most clicks. This way, I can see where I might need to make adjustments to my copy, see what’s working best, and make sure I am getting the most for my advertising dollar.

Now, here’s the really fun part: Once I get these parts all dialed in, I am effectively letting my autoresponder operate as my 24/7 sales force. While I am working on my Search Engine Optimization (SEO), managing the business, playing music, having dinner, or even sleeping, my system is working on capturing and verifying real valid leads, following up with those leads, and helping me close sales.

Flat Rate Pricing is strong among the reasons to use TrafficWave. Most of our competitors charge you more as your list grows. At TrafficWave, we offer flat rate pricing that keeps your monthly cost the same no matter how big your list gets. At just 60 cents per day, cost will be the last thing your business has to worry about when it comes to email marketing.

In the online marketing world, we see a lot of folks talking about “automated lead generation” and “passive income” and other phrases that make it all seem somehow … “magical”. The reality is that if you set up and use these tools properly, you can get great results. And, it can seem (at times) almost “magical” when leads and sales are coming in. But never forget: It’s all about business. It’s about learning and using the tools effectively.

No matter what your business offers, you will  need to generate leads and follow up to get customers. These are the best reasons to use TrafficWave.

If you already have an account with us, be sure to log in to your back office and apply the training to put these tools to their best use in your business.

If you don’t have an account with us, yet, get started today with a 30 Day Free Trial.

Yours In Success,

Brian Rooney, CEO



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